License agreement

All the products exhibited on this site are legal property of  Buying products from this site you accept a license agreement between you (our client) and and recognize that you agree with next aspects of our license agreement: 

The User MAY:

  • Sell or gift your rendered images and modify them any way you like. 
  • Make any changes of these 3d models for using in your projects but can’t sell this changed products to. 
  • Use the materials in any personal projects or commercial projects as long as the original content is protected from extraction and none of the items above have been violated;
  • Terminate this license at any time by destroying all copies of the content, but this does not entitle to a refund.
  • Use 3d models of this site in your design projects (interiors, exteriors projects, promotional items,… etc.). 
  • Use your rendered images for publish (books, magazines, etc.). 

The User may NOT:

  • Use our products in any site for free downloading or any other copying and distribution of this product. 
  • Resell these 3d models (partially or completely) by using Internet or any other way.
  • Keep our products in any place on a network or on the Internet where it may be referenced by a third party;

These aspects cannot be violated. If you violated any of these aspects you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and do not will have the right to buy or download any files from this site in the future. Items sold or downloader by may not be used for illegal purposes.