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Our site is resource of 3D furniture models for all people who work in 3D Graphic, like interior designers, 3D modelers, architects and others. We provide high quality 3D models of real furniture with possible low count of polygons, so our model does not take a lot of memory when using them in scenes with a large number of 3d models. We provide materials and textures for every 3D model. You can also request a custom 3D model.


Custom 3D models (January 29, 2012)

New Custom 3D models feature has been added to our site. From now you can request any custom model of any furniture.

The copyrights to these models are retained by the builder and can be sold by the builder to other customers.

Custom models can be sold by you to any other person or company. You will have 10 days to review the model and make any request for corrections.

Please, see Custom 3D model page for details


Official opening (November 9, 2011)

I hasten to announce you the good news: Our website is officially open!

Starting from now each day, new 3D models are waiting for you. We will try to fill this site every week, trying to give you all sorts of new and interesting 3D models of furniture and various accessories, trying to unlimit your in choice of styles and forms, when using them by you in your various design projects.

We will also provide you with useful information about interior design, various classes of 3d modeling, which will be developed specifically for this site


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